¥4,880  ( ¥5,368 with tax )

A highly efficient rechargeable lantern with a maximum output of 200 lumen for 7 hours. The tapered design of the top, body, and base help spread light over a wide area, from the sides to directly below.



Spreads Light Over a Wide Area

Light emits out the top, reflects through the body, and diffuses from the base. These three components effectively spread light over a wide area, from the sides to directly below.

Shines Directly Below

Small lanterns are often used in tents and shelters, but many people find themselves needing more light for dining and reading. The ZIG lantern is unique in that it can shine light directly below.

Fits in the Palm of Your Hand

Up to 200 lumen that fits in the palm of your hand. This compact lantern fits in small spaces, such as the side pocket of a bag for easy storage and transport.


This rechargeable lantern is equipped with a standard USB-C port for charging. Runs for 7 hours per charge (max output 200 lm).

Rubber Base and Bolt

The base of the lantern is made of rubber which protects it in the event of a fall. It also has an integrated 1/4” standard camera bolt that can be easily mounted to a camera tripod.

Aluminum Heat Sink

Heat from the light is efficiently dissipated through the integrated aluminum heat sink top. The ZIG’s machined aluminum top is also a unique design element.

Battery Indicator

Blue lights indicate the remaining battery level. Three lights indicate more than 80%, two lights indicate more than 50%, and one light indicates more than 20% of remaining battery.

Embossed Logo

When lit, the embossed ZANE Arts logo becomes visible. This also helps to visually indicate when the lantern is on.

Four Brightness Levels

The brightness level of the four built-in LEDs can be adjusted easily by long holding the power button until the light turns on, then quickly clicking the button again to reduce the brightness level from 4→3→2→1. This design is easy for anyone to use.



Main Unit : Resin Heat Sink : Aluminum
Bottom : Rubber Hanger・Bolt : Stainless Steel



Φ44 × 104mm




18650 Lithium-ion Battery

Battery Capacity

9.0Wh (3.65V, 2480mAh)


Max 200lm

Color Temperature

3000Kelvins (warm color)

Running Time


Charging Time

Approx. 3.5hr

Temperature Range for Use


Temperature Range for Recharging


Waterproof Rating


External USB Port

USB Type-C 5V / 1.0A

In order to pursue higher quality and better functionality, please note that specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.