CW-101ROOBE Spoon

¥100  ( ¥110 with tax )

CW-102ROOBE Fork

¥100  ( ¥110 with tax )

CW-103ROOBE Spork

¥100  ( ¥110 with tax )

A functional set of cutlery made from high quality polypropylene. The plastic design reduces the unpleasant noise, commonly experienced with metal camping plates.


Fits Fingers Well

The thumb comfortably rests in the concave handle, making it easy to use. A good design to help you focus on your meal and enjoy every bite.


Another pleasant benefit of the concave handle is its ability to stack. When storing multiple sets you will find that they store neatly in a case.

Easy To Use

Most plastic outdoor cutlery are designed with straight handles and heads. We made it our goal to design this cutlery with an angle just right for eating.

Spoon Depth

The ideal spoon fits in the mouth allowing your upper lip to comfortably reach the bottom while not causing the unpleasant feeling of the edges rubbing on your lips.

Straight Spoon Edges

This spoon has three straight edges. These edges allow it to contact the plate without gaps, making it easy to clean your plate.

Fork TIne Shape

The tines have a trapezoidal shape. This creates a larger surface on top that helps keep slippery foods from sliding off.

Fork Tip

In order to make a strong fork, we needed to make a thicker fork. Thick cutlery often poses the problem of not being able to pick up thin foods like lettuce. We overcame this problem by fine tuning the tines into a tapered shape perfect for picking up thinner foods.

Spork Balance

Sporks are an ideal multi-purpose utensil, even for noodles. We meticulously adjusted the tine length and bowl size by 1 mm increments to create the ideal spork.

Tapered Spork Tines

The tapered tines have been specifically designed to make it easy to eat both thin and thick noodles.







Spoon 10g / Fork 8g / Spork 9g

Heat Resistance


In order to pursue higher quality and better functionality, please note that specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.