¥1,800  ( ¥1,980 with tax )

The ZANE ARTS original Titanium Sierra Cup. Designed to the same specs as our Stainless Steel Sierra Cup but at about half the weight.


Redesigned Shape

We set out with a goal to create a Sierra cup that was great for both eating and drinking. After researching and comparing many existing shapes and sizes, we were led to this design that we feel is the best Sierra cup to date.

Three-finger Handle

Holding a cup with three fingers, like a typical mug, is very stable, but for some reason almost all conventional Sierra cups have only a two-finger handle. Here at ZANE ARTS we adopted a three-finger handle to make our cups easy to use.

Centered Measurement Guide

You probably hold a kettle with your dominant hand while you pour into your cup in the opposite hand, but when drawing water you hold your cup in your dominant hand. So we decided to center the measurement guide so users can see it no matter what hand they may be holding it in.

Keeps Handle Cool

By moving the handle just far enough away from the side of the cup, we were able to make heating over a direct flame possible while still maintaining a safe and ergonomic design.

0.3mm Titanium

Although designed to be ultra-lightweight for mountaineering and other activities, the 0.3mm gauge thick sides make it strong enough to keep its shape over time.

About Half the Weight of Stainless Steel

Designed to the same specs as our stainless steel Sierra cup but at about half the weight. This ultra-lightweight version is ideal for a variety of activities, especially hiking and mountaineering.





φ105 × 54mm

Maximum Capacity




In order to pursue higher quality and better functionality, please note that specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.